About To Hatch

My Goal is I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)

My reflection on writing this week:
I have worked towards achieving my goals by:
Making Sure That The Words Make Sense

I love to walk on the beach at sunset the view is amazing. But suddenly I see something that spoils the view a giant egg on the beach.

I can taste the salty air and the grains of sand in my mouth

I can smell the salty air coming from the sea

I can see the waves in the sea coming to the shore and a big egg on the beach

I can hear the popping sound of the egg cracking open

I can feel the slime coming out of the egg as it cracks open

As I get closer to the egg it cracks open with a loud bang! When I get close enough to see I peek in and I see the most adorable white tern popping out of the egg. Filled with adoration I carefully scoop her up and take her home.


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