This Term We Have Been Learning About Measurement I Learnt How To Calculate Area, Perimeter And Volume To Calculate Perimeter You Just Plus Each Side To Get The Perimeter Simple.

To Calculate The Area You Times Two Sides To Get The Area

To Calculate The Volume You Times The Length By The Width By The Height


Term 1-2 Goal Review And Next Steps

Book Report

Book Report

Hope You Like The Report


I Hope You Like What I Have Learnt About In Reading.


This Is Me Practising Hard at Dance Class With Dean.  I Really Wanted To Have All The Moves Perfect By The Concert On Friday. I’ve Enjoyed Learning From Dean Doing The Hip Hop. I’ve Been Challenged By Doing The Cha Cha With Boys. I have surprised myself By Relising How Good I Was At The Hip Hop And The Cha Cha.
I've Really Enjoyed Myself Doing Dance.


My Goal is I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)

Write your “moment in time” writing here using this format by joining your ideas above together, in an interesting way:
On one peaceful morning I decided that I would take the boat out to do some fishing.
I love the way that the motor sounds.
The wonderful taste of cheese and ham from my sandwich and the taste of hot chocolate.
I hate the feeling of the fish when I pull them out of the water it is never a pleasant feeling for me.
I also will never like the smell of petrol.
Snap! Suddenly I turn around see a Crocodile Munching on my boat.
Luckily he gets bored and goes away.
My reflection on writing this week: I have worked towards achieving my goals by: Coming up with good ideas