Book Character Day

Red and White aka Read and Write Celebrating: Where’s Wally’s 30th Anniversary and Dr Seuss’s 60th Anniversary
As part of Literacy Week there is a dress up day to come as your favourite book character.
Add a photo of you from the dress up day
Add a photo of the front cover of the book your character is from
Who’s your favourite book character and why?

Tris ( Beatrice ) Prior is a girl born in Abnegation but transferred to Dauntless at 16 years old but she is constantly in danger because she is Divergent.So she can't be controlled by simulations during an attack on Abnegation she must fight to stay alive. But soon after both her parents die and her lover Tobias ( Four ) Eaton becomes controlled by a simulation. She must fight him and somehow he breaks free from the simulation and he and Tris shut down the simulation saving Abnegation.

2017 Athlectics

On Tuesday it was Athletics Day and we got to come in mufti sports clothes to do athletics. Because I was 10 years old I was put with quite a few year 5s. First, we did Discus and because I was number 31 I had to go last. Even though I was last I managed to pull of 1st place beating Zara and Xiyi. Second, we did High Jump; last year I came 1st in High Jump but this year I wasn’t so lucky, I came 5th out of 31.
Anyway, thirdly we did sprints, I decided to do the short sprints because I’m not much of a runner, even so I came 1st in my heat and got into the finals but I didn’t make it, I came 5th. Fourthly, we did Shot Put, I found shotput a bit more challenging than last year because the shot put was heavier. Finally, on Wednesday we finished with Long Jump, I really enjoy Long Jump as I came 1st last year. Again I didn’t have much luck this year. Even so I came 3rd out of 31. Although I didn’t do as well as last year I am still very proud of myself.

Term 4 Goal

Term 4 Learning Goal
My Learning Goal I want to be able too keep up with completing my SMLs every week. How am I going to achieve my goal? List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal. I want to be able to focus really hard on doing my SMLs with the time I have. I want to be able to do some SMLs at home. How will I know when I have achieved my goal? I will have more than the needed points I have every week. My Learner Qualities Goal I want to be resilient. How am I going to achieve my goal? List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal. When stuck go to my friends for help. Ask teachers when really stuck.

Integrated Learning

Eel Report
Meg 19.09.2017 6TH GRADE Integrated Learning

How did the maori catch them?
The eels swam along the fence and into an eel weir and the Europeans removedthese so they could sail their boats.

How did they cook them?A hāngi is a traditional way of maori cooking (also called earth oven)
What are the different species?There are 2 different eels native to New ZealandThe Shortfin Eel and The Longfin Eel
How nutritious are they to eat?Eels are good for you as they contain very good vitamins and minerals. Like Zinc and Iron.What tools were used to catch them?Māori used a number of nets and pots to catch fish and eels. A hīnaki (eel trap) was used to catch eels.Where Do They Live?Long Finned eels are found all over New Zealand, mainly in lakes and rivers.What are some sp

Communicate And Empathise