WALT: Create artist inspired art ( Raewyn Harris )

This week we have been doing art for a calendar

The goal was to complete your art by Friday doing 2 drafts and a good copy with full colour and dye

I learnt that when you put chalk instead of vivid on the outlines the black dye will be absorbed into the chalk creating a black line

My next step is to be able to keep up with the schedule

This is a photo of my art work

Multiplication and Division

This term we have been learning about Multiplication and Division. In my maths class with Mrs Patten we have been doing dividing by remainders with word and number stories. E.g Coach Bernice needs 7 people to make a netball team. She has 50 players. How many teams can she make? How many players will be reserves? This is how you work it out 50÷7 = 7 r 1       7 x 7 = 49 and + 1 =  50 

This is my worksheet

My next step is to understand the problems better.


Learning Intention

To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

I think I did okay at doing this task and Denver, Karlie and Xiyi's help with the lyrics I used a computer to create the beat and the lyrics  I went through the process with Denver' Karlie and Xiyi in my group I found the process a little bit tricky with the lyrics but I managed to get a good beat I enjoyed making the beat My next step would be to help a bit more rather than just doing the beat
Lyrics Sheet

Waste Of Time


This Term We Have Been Learning About Measurement I Learnt How To Calculate Area, Perimeter And Volume To Calculate Perimeter You Just Plus Each Side To Get The Perimeter Simple.

To Calculate The Area You Times Two Sides To Get The Area

To Calculate The Volume You Times The Length By The Width By The Height


Term 1-2 Goal Review And Next Steps