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Term 1 Highlights

When I first came into room 24 I was excited about having Mr Forman as my teacher.But I was worried about how much sport we needed to do. But after I realised that we didn't do as much as I expected

Life Education Van


Last week on Thursday Room 24 went to the life education van to see Harold the giraffe. There we met Jamie the person who was taking us to see Harold.

So What?
Jamie told us the necessary items that we need to stay alive 
WaterFoodLoveO2WashingExerciseSleepNow What?
Now I know about healthy eating and the digestion system.



Every Wednesday the class goes out with Mr Forman to do swimming lessons. First we start of doing warm up activitiesbefore we get to the actual stuff

So What?

I enjoy doing the free time when Mr Forman chucks us in the pool. Yesterday I saw Mr Forman pushing Leah in the pool so I said "Mr Forman can you do that to me?" So he pulled me up so I was standing then he says "3 2 1" then suddenly Mr Forman pushed me in the pool I screamed!

Now what?

I want to get better at the bulldozer and (The Sam)