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Art with Mrs Boston


On Wednesday Mrs Boston took our class for the day.

So what?

This is my sun art

We did it because Mr Forman wanted to put some art on the wall

Now what?

I would like to do some family art and star wars art



Last week Oaklands school had a multicultural week where we celebrated the amazing range of cultures we have here.

So What?

This is my flag and poster ofSCOTLAND

The reason we did is because it is part of multicultural week.
Another reason is because we need to celebrate other peoples cultures. 
Each class had three people come in.
Room 24 had Julia Kim, Mrs Banoori and Mrs Mann


Now What?

We are going to be learning more about the different cultures in Room 24 this term, including healthy snacks.


For the past few days i have been reading a book called WHAT MAKES A MONSTER it is about STAR WARS.

I love this book because it is about ADVENTURE


I liked this book because

It tells you which planet the monster comes fromIt tells you what streagth it hasIt tells you how it survivesWhat it eats
My goal is also to read a variety of genre this book is ADVENTURE the next genre i am going to read is MYSTERY.

Passion project 2

Two nights ago i did a passion project on ........ and it is really really cute it only took me 30 minutes.

Passion Project number 1

Hi i am Meg and i am going to tell you about my passion project last night i did a passion project on ........ and it is really only took me 20 minutes