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Athletics day I don't like athletics day because I get really hot and sweaty but on this athletics day i felt confident because well i don't know why the first thing that i did was long distance where we had to run around the Field 4 times then we did long jump so we had to jump the long pit by the gate after that we did shot-put and we had to use petanque balls.

Camp Poem

I am sleeping.

My feet are toasty warm.

I feel crazy,calm and cozy. 

I see the birds flying forward like and airplane.

I hear the boom of the fireworks. 

I think I will stay asleep.

I wonder what the time is.

Arion farm park

A few months ago we went to Aroin farm park for a visit to learn about animals and mostly chickens we got put into groups my group was with Mrs Baker.First went to see the pigs and piglets and there was a pig called miss piggy and Captin Jack. Then we went to see the goats,alpacas, lamas and the sheep and there was a baby lamb. I got to hold it and it wasso cute. Then I went in to see the goats and one was my favourite.Next we saw the horses. Then we saw the mice,rats,rabbits,guinea pigs and the baby guinea pigs...


On the 3rd of October I flew out to Auckland to fly out to America and it was a really long flight we had to stay on the plane for 13 hours and 30 minutes and the meals were really yucky for breakfast we had a cheese omelet that tasted like overcooked vegetables then i watched a movie it was inside out finally we landed in San Francisco. the hotel we stayed in was the holiday inn expressthe room we stayed in was tiny we only had a bathroom and the bedroom/living room.                                 

Touch at Burnside

On Sunday my family and I went to Burnside.Ashley and I went to the playground behind the trees and went on the slide and the swings then the see-saw.Ashley and I  heard something Snap! There it went again.Rustle! Rustle! I felt a huge ball of fear rise in my tummy then I saw something


The best place I have ever been is Australia because I went to the Zoo.I saw crocodiles,Snakes,Lions,Turtles and alligators too. I watched the dolphin show and the seal show.I also went to Dream world. 

Creepy dolly ahh!

One night it was my bedtime 8.30 at night after I brushed my teeth. When I went in my room my dolly was no where to be seen.Where is my dolly then I heard a voice "do you wanna play" I screamed. I threw a ball t the creepy thing.Then it teleported on my head! Ahh! Next thing I knew I was out cold I woke up screaming it was a nightmare. It was very sunny outside how strange! I looked at my clock w-what!It was lunch time I was late for netball  I dressed as quickly as I could. It was still nightmare but this time all my teddys dissapered even my dolly at 12.30  my dolly and my teddys were at the door growling and snarling and clutching mini baseball bats. Uh-oh i knew what that ment i ran across the room and jumped out of a three story high window.i knewi was a goner when i landed i was out cold .When i woke up i was lying in a hospital bed one leg was very sore and the same with my right arm.I found out they were broken a few weeks later i found out my parents died in a car c…

Dan carter drawing

A couple months ago Room 8,Room 12 and room 13 here is my drawing

By Meg


A thorny devil is a reptile a lizard and a insectivore.They look like a dead leaf  a walking piece of barbed wire they also have yellow and brown markings. They will dig themselves under the sand to stay warm.The female will lay 3 to 10 eggs.The female will dig a nesting box 30 cm or 1ft deep. They live in the desert of the Australian outback. Do you know what thorny Devils use their thorns for?

My Learning Goals

My learning goals are to achieve my gold 

self portraits

last term we focused on self portraits here's what I created