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WALT: Create artist inspired art ( Raewyn Harris )

This week we have been doing art for a calendar

The goal was to complete your art by Friday doing 2 drafts and a good copy with full colour and dye

I learnt that when you put chalk instead of vivid on the outlines the black dye will be absorbed into the chalk creating a black line

My next step is to be able to keep up with the schedule

This is a photo of my art work

Multiplication and Division

This term we have been learning about Multiplication and Division. In my maths class with Mrs Patten we have been doing dividing by remainders with word and number stories. E.g Coach Bernice needs 7 people to make a netball team. She has 50 players. How many teams can she make? How many players will be reserves? This is how you work it out 50÷7 = 7 r 1       7 x 7 = 49 and + 1 =  50 

This is my worksheet

My next step is to understand the problems better.


Learning Intention

To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

I think I did okay at doing this task and Denver, Karlie and Xiyi's help with the lyrics I used a computer to create the beat and the lyrics  I went through the process with Denver' Karlie and Xiyi in my group I found the process a little bit tricky with the lyrics but I managed to get a good beat I enjoyed making the beat My next step would be to help a bit more rather than just doing the beat
Lyrics Sheet

Waste Of Time


This Term We Have Been Learning About Measurement I Learnt How To Calculate Area, Perimeter And Volume To Calculate Perimeter You Just Plus Each Side To Get The Perimeter Simple.

To Calculate The Area You Times Two Sides To Get The Area

To Calculate The Volume You Times The Length By The Width By The Height


Term 1-2 Goal Review And Next Steps

Book Report

Book Report

Hope You Like The Report


I Hope You Like What I Have Learnt About In Reading.


This Is Me Practising Hard at Dance Class With Dean.  I Really Wanted To Have All The Moves Perfect By The Concert On Friday. I’ve Enjoyed Learning From Dean Doing The Hip Hop. I’ve Been Challenged By Doing The Cha Cha With Boys. I have surprised myself By Relising How Good I Was At The Hip Hop And The Cha Cha.
I've Really Enjoyed Myself Doing Dance.


My Goal is I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)

Write your “moment in time” writing here using this format by joining your ideas above together, in an interesting way:
On one peaceful morning I decided that I would take the boat out to do some fishing.
I love the way that the motor sounds.
The wonderful taste of cheese and ham from my sandwich and the taste of hot chocolate.
I hate the feeling of the fish when I pull them out of the water it is never a pleasant feeling for me.
I also will never like the smell of petrol.
Snap! Suddenly I turn around see a Crocodile Munching on my boat.
Luckily he gets bored and goes away.
My reflection on writing this week: I have worked towards achieving my goals by: Coming up with good ideas

About To Hatch

My Goal is I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)

My reflection on writing this week: I have worked towards achieving my goals by:
Making Sure That The Words Make Sense

I love to walk on the beach at sunset the view is amazing. But suddenly I see something that spoils the view a giant egg on the beach.
I can taste the salty air and the grains of sand in my mouth
I can smell the salty air coming from the sea
I can see the waves in the sea coming to the shore and a big egg on the beach
I can hear the popping sound of the egg cracking open
I can feel the slime coming out of the egg as it cracks open
As I get closer to the egg it cracks open with a loud bang! When I get close enough to see I peek in and I see the most adorable white tern popping out of the egg. Filled with adoration I carefully scoop her up and take her home.

Mirror in the Attic

I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary) My reflection on this writing: I have worked towards achieving my goals by: Working hard and using dedication She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a fingerprint in sight. Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass. As soon she laid a finger on the glass she heard a strange humming sound. She jerked her finger ba…

Camp Movie


Meg's Koru Art��


Goal Review Student

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps Name:
Parent Goal(s) Strategies I can use are: Review Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know? Next Step Eg My next step is……... Commitment, Perfectionist, Sometimes not taking risks, Great memory and retention. Empathetic towards others, Likes to do things by the book, Rules, Sense of humor, Help out around the community| Pet and Animals, Netball, Gymnastics, 3D printing, Sports … Improve and alignment in with reading and writing. Maths standard. Take more risks and use the stuck strategies

Student Goal(s) I want to get better at my Writing.
In Maths I want to better understand proportions and ratios
Take more risks in my learning and try new things Strategies I can use are: Take more risks and use the stuck strategies

Koru Art

This is my Koru Art and we made it to represent the Maori culture.
First I got out my whiteboard and practised and practised and practised.
Then finally I got it right so I carefully drew my Koru worried I would make a mistake. 
But I did very well and I am very proud of my work.

Learning Plan Review

Multicultral Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did Chinese spring lanterns and learned about Russia and Israel

SO WHAT: I learnt how cold it can be in Russia sometimes it gets to -74°. I enjoyed having Henna put on my hand and wrist. I was most fascinated by how the dead sea in Israel is so salty.
A question I have is how is henna made?