2017 Athlectics

On Tuesday it was Athletics Day and we got to come in mufti sports clothes to do athletics. Because I was 10 years old I was put with quite a few year 5s. First, we did Discus and because I was number 31 I had to go last. Even though I was last I managed to pull of 1st place beating Zara and Xiyi. Second, we did High Jump; last year I came 1st in High Jump but this year I wasn’t so lucky, I came 5th out of 31.

Anyway, thirdly we did sprints, I decided to do the short sprints because I’m not much of a runner, even so I came 1st in my heat and got into the finals but I didn’t make it, I came 5th. Fourthly, we did Shot Put, I found shotput a bit more challenging than last year because the shot put was heavier. Finally, on Wednesday we finished with Long Jump, I really enjoy Long Jump as I came 1st last year. Again I didn’t have much luck this year. Even so I came 3rd out of 31. Although I didn’t do as well as last year I am still very proud of myself.  


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