Integrated Learning

Eel Report

6TH GRADE Integrated Learning


  1. How did the maori catch them?

The eels swam along the fence and into an eel weir and the Europeans removed these so they could sail their boats.

  1. How did they cook them?

A hāngi is a traditional way of maori cooking (also called earth oven)

  1. What are the different species?

There are 2 different eels native to New Zealand

The Shortfin Eel and The Longfin Eel

  1. How nutritious are they to eat?

Eels are good for you as they contain very good vitamins and minerals. Like Zinc and Iron.

  1. What tools were used to catch them?

Māori used a number of nets and pots to catch fish and eels. A hīnaki (eel trap) was used to catch eels.

  1. Where Do They Live?

Long Finned eels are found all over New Zealand, mainly in lakes and rivers.

  1. What are some species of eel?

  • Longfin

  • Shortfin

  1. Are they dangerous to humans?

Longfin: No

Shortfin: No

  1. Were eels used for clothing?

No as the maori wore flax and bird  feathers.

  1. How long did it take to catch one?

On average it takes about 20 minutes to catch an eel.


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